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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am very pleased to announce my sea themed work can now be bought at the online site


    Beach with Sea Star


    I am a great admirer of this shop. It never fails to make me smile and long for that special place where I dream about putting all their lovely sea themed items. Over the years I have bought some lovely presents from them and I am now delighted to be selling my jewellery on their website.

    Here's to a hot and sunny summer so we can all get out and enjoy the seaside.

  2. Spring or maybe summer has arrived and my garden has errupted with flowers, some of which I never planted, so where do they come from ? I missed taking photos of some of the beautiful blossoms on the trees a few weeks ago so I made sure that I got out between the rain showers to show you what inspires me, just outside my back door.

    Does anyone know what this is ?  I thought it might be Herb Robert but I'm not sure.

    Herb Robert ?


    Forget-me-nots, delicate little things when you see them up close.


    wow this one has amazing patterns inside.

    It could be interesting trying to dye aluminium like this.

    Purple Iris

    Heres my tulips, plus a tiny visitor on one

    Frilly Tulip

    Tulip + spider

    Finally a friends garden a few years ago and the shapes that inspired many of my designs.

    Tulip glory